Avs To Don Third Next Year?

Will the Colorado Avalanche join the third jersey ranks beginning next fall? Denver Post writer Adrian Dater seems to think so. 

In his Avs Mailbag column on the newspaper's web site, Dater responds to a question about the team's lack of a third jersey by straight up saying they'll wear one next season.

I see many teams in the NHL taking out their third jerseys. And maybe I missed something, but I do not think I've seen the third Avalanche jersey this year. Do the Avs have one? I think the Nordiques' light blue jerseys would look stunning. 
—Milan, Slovakia

The Avs will not wear a third jersey this season. There are a lot of logistical issues with teams wearing them, more than you might think. So, that's partly why they aren't wearing them this year. It creates more logistics for the visiting team.

The Avs say they will wear them again next season. And, yes, I agree it would be nice to incorporate some kind of Quebec connection on them — although I wouldn't go so far as to wear their pure light blue old colors.

That being said, I would be surprised to see them return to the burgundy sweater from several years ago with COLORADO angled across the chest. If they do introduce a new sweater for 2009, it'll likely be something entirely new.

Calgary and Minnesota have already confirmed plans for a third jersey next year. I'm just hoping the Rangers will join them.