Team Canada's Third Jersey?

I've been getting a lot of emails these days specifically about the jersey seen to the right. It's obviously a Team Canada jersey and since the Hockey Canada sweaters have been banned from the 2010 Olympics, it's been asked whether this retro-style jersey will replace it.

I honestly have no idea. I've been told by several people that it's being used as a third jersey and is a possible candidate for Olympic action in two years. Beyond that, I really can't speak on the subject with any certainty.

If there's any official information out there from Hockey Canada or the Olympic committee, I'd love to hear about it and share it with the rest of you.

For whatever it's worth, I think it's a really sharp sweater. Not like anything I've seen any other team wear. So kudos on that. And it's retro, but in a good way. Not sure what it'll be used for but it's available for sale wherever you buy hockey jerseys.

Feel free to add your comments and conspiracy theories below!