Sens Logo For Your Cap

Back in August I first posted images of the Ottawa Senators' new logos. And everybody was hoping they'd be making the new 2D logo the primary. But the team went the other way and said the 2D logo would only make appearances on fan memorabilia.

But I had yet to see any of it until I got an email this afternoon.

Check out this hat.

No one can deny this is the superior logo. Much more balanced than the "3D" version currently donning the Sens' sweaters.

Now you want to laugh? Seems they've also put together a special edition St. Patrick's Day cap. I'm not making this up.

Plaid accents?! Sign me up!

Anyway, sometimes I find real items make for a better post than concept art, you know? You can't make this stuff up. So I'd like to hear from actual Ottawa fans. How do you guys feel about the new logos? Have you got a beef? Or nothing really to complain about here? Comment!