Blues Third Jersey Coming This Fall

Good news for Blues fans hoping for a third jersey next season. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Bernie Miklasz wrote today that team has apparently confirmed it.

Blues Chairman Dave Checketts, honored at the Sold on St. Louis awards luncheon on Wednesday, announced that the Blues will introduce a navy-based third jersey next fall featuring a new logo incorporating the Blue Note and the Gateway Arch on the front.

So as soon as the design is available, which likely won't be until late this summer, I'll post photos.

This news had me thinking. We've heard a number of teams including the Flyers and Oilers reference possible third jerseys for next season. I'd like to keep a running list here on the blog of teams that have announced a new third jersey for 2008-09.

To make things easier on me, I'd like to get you guys involved if you're interested. Email me or write a comment on this post any time you see a reference to a potential new third jersey for next year. Cite a credible source too. I can't accept "my best friend's uncle's mother's cousin works in a pro shop and told me so" as a source.

This list now exists as a sidebar element. Enjoy!

UPDATE (2/17 5:20 AM): Just wanted to add that back in December, I posted concept art for the Blues in the form of a third jersey that incorporated the Blue Note and Gateway Arch on a navy sweater. You can find it at the bottom of this post if you're interested.