Next Outdoor Game In NYC?

I haven't really been following along with the news coming out of the NHL with regard to plans for another outdoor game to take place in 2009. But a reader emailed in a photo that seems to suggest the game may well happen at Yankee Stadium in New York City. Below is the email I received along with the photo.

I just thought that you would find this interesting. I know there are rumors saying that New York will host next years Outdoor Game, I now have some evidence that may prove that rumor. Recently family friends of mine took a tour of Yankees Stadium during their stay in New York and my buddy sent me some of the pictures. One of the pictures includes the field and boards looking material on the field in the shape of a rink. This would make perfect sense to plan out the schematics now since soon the Yankees will be occupying the field for most of the time and it could be too late to plan it after the Yankees season in time for the game. So here is the picture and I hope you enjoy this so-called evidence.

Who do you think would play in such a game? Rangers and Leafs, perhaps?

Anyway, if you're interested, post your comments below.