At Work On Goalie Masks

You thought I was going to go a whole weekend without a single post didn't you? Gotcha!

No but seriously I have been hard at work on things relevant to the blog, actually. I've been designing graphics for the upcoming NHL Tournament of Goalie Masks. Indeed, this isn't something I'm just throwing together. Just like I did with all the logo graphics, I'm putting my own spin on the helmets.

Check out some of what I have done so far.

Those guys are among the top vote-getters right now in the sidebar poll so obviously there's no need for me to explain who they are.

My goal was to make you look only at the mask and nothing else in the photo — that's why everything else has been grayed out. That said, all the photos I'm using are game action photos and I'm still looking for better pictures of some goalies. I'll post a list here when I get a chance if anyone wants to help out.

Apologies for the small images. You'll be able to click through to larger versions when the tournament actually begins.

Let me know what you guys think of these graphics. I encourage feedback!