Changes For New Tourney

I've been really going back and forth on this for the last few days trying to figure out the best format for this Tournament of Goalie Masks. Harder than it sounds, actually.

In going through photos and things, I'm realizing this would be difficult to pull off with a bracket of only 32. I'm thinking we should probably expand to 64. It'll be a long one. That's for sure. Here's the thing. ESPN lists 65 active goaltenders currently playing in the NHL., however, lists 99. That's a big gap. Anyway, my feeling is with a bracket of 64 we get the opportunity to grab the starter and backup from all 30 clubs plus a few extras which would account for the handful of teams with three goalies.

As for the voting in the sidebar poll, the top 32 you guys choose will be automatically placed in the bracket so none of them face each other in the first round. That is, there's the possibility all 32 advance to the second. So now I'm down to trying to figure out how the other 32 get selected. Probably just an executive decision by me. I'll go into a little more detail but first, here are a couple more graphics from the 44 I have completed.

Finished Graphics
I have 44 graphics done with photos I have of masks I'm sure will be in the tournament. They are as follows, by last name only: Anderson, Backstron, Biron, Brodeur, Bryzgalov, Budaj, Conklin, DiPietro, Ellis, Emery, Fleury, Giguere, Grahame, Hasek, Hedberg, Huet, Khabibulin, Kiprusoff, Kolzig, LaBarbera, Lalime, Leclaire, Legace, Lehtonen, Lundqvist, Luongo, Mason, Miller, Nabokov, Niittymaki, Price, Ramo, Roloson, Sanford, Smith, Theodore, Thibault, Thomas, Toivonen, Toskala, Turco, Vokoun, Ward and Weekes.

Pictures Needed
The 44 above are done because those are all the pictures I have. In order to do anymore, I'll need photographs of a relatively high quality of the goalie and his mask in action or at least on the ice. Close-ups are best. This is where I could really use your help, if you're so inclined. Following are names of the some of the other active goalies we might want to consider for the tournament. I need their photos: Auld, Boucher, Cloutier, Dubielewicz, Garon, Gerber, Halak, Harding, Hiller, Holmqvist, Johnson, Joseph, Norrena, Osgood, Raycroft, Sabourin, Tellqvist and Valiquette.

Keep in mind that I'll need current photos. This is most important if a goalie was recently traded, like Holmqvist. Not to mention I could use better pictures of some of the ones I already have done — Mike Smith, for example. Anyway, if you guys can help, I'd be incredibly appreciative.

Also, if there are other names that I haven't listed here, please let me know. Remember, don't just send names, try to send high quality photos as well. And help me consider whether to include goalies like Marc Denis who's still a member of the Lightning but not currently playing in the NHL. Remember, we need 64 goalies or 32. I don't want anybody getting a bye in any round of this tournament.

Email anything you think might be helpful to