Another Goalie Masks Update

All right, I've been listening to you guys and I have some quick changes to make before announcing the match-ups for the NHL Tournament of Goalie Masks.

I'm updating the graphics for Grahame and Budaj who both have new masks which I didn't know about until today. So much for doing my research. Same goes for Cloutier who's returned to the Osgood-esque helmet. All of those updates will be made at some point this morning.

I'm keeping Holmqvist's mask the way it is because, first, he has yet to play a full game for the Stars and so has no mask painted for that team. Second, he carried the Lightning goaltending most of the season and that shouldn't go unnoticed. He played all year, so to drop him out now just because he got traded at the 11th hour isn't right, if you ask me.

I'm adding Ersberg today as well. He'll be replacing Fernandez, who hasn't played a game since October. I like Manny Fernadez and I hate to drop him, but somebody had to go. I'm not getting rid of Osgood and Cloutier just because their helmets are plain. That'll be for the voters to decide.

Otherwise I think that's everybody. So if you've noticed anything else that needs adjustment, speak now or hold your peace.