Canada III: Calgary & Edmonton

Just 46 more hours now until I first set foot on Canadian soil. But before I go, it's my duty to continue to share the concept art that many of you have been so gracious to send in. Continuing with the Canada theme we're visiting the province of Alberta tonight on our way to BC.

So then. The horse with the flaming nostrils. I always liked him. Here he is on red.

It suits his apparent rage. And for a refreshing change of pace, the white Flaming C on a black sweater.

Doesn't really say fire to me somehow.

Nor does it work in white. I'm sorry but I think the Flames by nature have to be a red team.

So with that in mind, here's a new idea based on an old concept.

There are also white and black versions of that design.

And this next one just looks like a hoodie to me.

To finish this out we've got a couple of Oilers concepts. The black around the arms makes this one interesting.

Needs something for contrast around the logo which is outlined in blue. And this final set I thought was really sharp. No reason a professional hockey club shouldn't look that good.

That's a nice uniform. But now I've got to put the final touches on packing, go to work tomorrow and then prepare myself for seven hours of flying across the North American continent. Fun stuff.