Update: The Next Tournament

The sidebar poll hasn't even been open a day and it's already pretty clear you guys are most interested in a goalie mask tournament. I don't blame you. Some of them are pretty cool. I'm going to start developing a pool for the tournament and then begin collecting photos. I might enlist you guys for help on that. Most of you are pretty resourceful.

Anyway, I'll leave the poll up until it's closed but unless something drastic happens, I think it's fair to say we'll go with the goalie masks. But I've been getting tons of suggestions for categories not on that list. The way I see it, the more ideas we come up with, the longer this site can last, right?

So aside from the ones already in that poll, some I think we should get to at some point are goal horns, team mascots and even goalie pads. I'm still up for the center ice tournament, but that'll be difficult to put together. I need pictures and time to make graphics. It'll be a bit complicated but not impossible. If anyone would be able and willing to help out with that, email me.

That's all for now. Keep the suggestions coming in. Maybe at some point we'll try to get two tournaments going at the same time. It'd be a lot of work for me but worth it if you guys keep coming back to vote.