Desert Art

The last time I posted any good Phoenix Coyotes artwork was... well, it was never. I've never posted any good Phoenix Coyotes artwork and for that I am ashamed. That streak ends this afternoon.

If there was ever a reason for the 'Yotes to don a black third jersey, this would be it.

I never would've thought that PHX logo would look good as a crest. Proved me wrong, right there. Here's what made me think that in the first place.

Yeah. Don't worry, though, I'm not wasting it. We've got some decent Freak Out stuff for Friday too.

Below is a simple redesign concept with the old moon logo I liked a lot.

This does make me miss the PHX logo, though. However, the Coyotes still wear that moon logo on their pants. But what if we combine it with the current primary?

And then slap it on a jersey?

Lastly, we get a look at the reason why text needs to stay off the front of jerseys.

That's all I've got for you today. Tune in next time for more fan made concept art. You know you love it. In the meantime, keep voting on the NHL's best goalie masks! Despite being just over halfway through the first round, we're actually making some headway. We'll have a winner before you know it.

Something BIG is coming... May 1, 2008!