Popularity Experiment

The word "popularity" has been getting tossed around in the comments a lot lately. Every poll I post is an opinion poll. I want a consensus of opinions on various topics like logos and goalie masks. So the idea that folks are saying you should vote based on aesthetics or any other specific element is, well, wrong in my mind.

In every poll I ask "which is better?" If there were set guidelines to make this determination by, a poll would be irrelevant. We'd simply gather data per the guidelines and come to a logical conclusion. But this is art, for lack of a better term. There is no good and bad, there's only the opinion of the person looking at it. The line about beauty being in the eye of the beholder comes to mind.

That being said, I want to try out an experiment. I want to do a series of "popularity contests" to prove a point as the Tournament of Goalie Masks winds down. I'm starting with the obvious question for a hockey blog. What's your favorite team?

About halfway down the sidebar is a ginormous poll with 30 possible responses. You're to simply select your favorite team and cast your vote. That's it. I'm curious to see who has more fans visiting the blog. So go VOTE NOW!