Happy Birthday To NHLToL!

Happy birthday to us! Today is officially the first anniversary of the NHL Tournament of Logos blog. I launched it one year ago today to little fanfare and, well, no one would know about it for another couple of months. That is, until I started posting news and rumors regarding the Rbk EDGE jerseys that were released last summer.

Anyway, today I'll be unveiling the new name of the blog and a cool new addition to the Tournament of Logos family of blogs. (Don't worry, it's not another blog.) Originally I planned on posting a poll to let you guys decide on the new name, and don't get me wrong I appreciate all the input, but one suggestion spawned an idea for the absolute perfect name to describe what this site is all about. You'll see what I mean later on when I write the post.

In the meantime, you know there's nothing I love more than promoting a good announcement. So check back later to see what the new name will be. And happy birthday to us!