Icethetics Launched!

Hey everybody! Icethetics is officially here and I know you're excited about that. It's a little bare right now, but give it time.

If you're new to this, Icethetics is a brand new blog born from the merging of the NHL Tournament of Logos and Tournament of Hockey Logos blogs. Icethetics will feature the same great combination of reader-submitted concept art and logo voting as well as so much more!

Over the next few weeks I'll be rolling out all the new features and additions including a brand new concept art gallery, an artist partnership program and a brand new tournament for you to cast your votes! And actually, I'm announcing the new tournament today. It's something I've been talking about for several months at NHLToL.

Get ready for the NHL Tournament of Center Ice Logos! (I know you saw that coming.) Each team has in their arena a unique design painted onto center ice — usually incorporating their primary logo — so in this tournament, you'll be voting on whose is the best.

Last year around this time we did a primary logo tournament which was won by the Montreal Canadiens. It'll be interesting to see if they keep that title for another year.

Anyway, I've got a lot going on today as I get this blog up and running. And like I've said, NHLToL and ToHL aren't going anywhere. But as of today, they will no longer be updated. All of your concept art and logo voting needs will have to be fulfilled by the brand new Icethetics blog!

By the way, my email address is not changing. It will continue to be