Freak Out Friday XXXIX

Today marks the debut of the Freak Out Friday on Icethetics. The series carries over from my old blog — NHL Tournament of Logos. If you're new to this, you might want to have a look at some of the ridiculous items that have been submitted to me over the past year.

Along with this comes a new name. The series was formerly called "Just To Freak You Out" — but it is more commonly known now as Freak Out Friday. And as you can see, this is the 39th edition since August of last year. Yeah, we've had a lot of weird and crazy artwork to post in that time. Remember, too, that is a biweekly feature so you'll only see it every other Friday.

With that out of the way, let's dive in because there's quite a lot to get to. I'm beginning with Buffalo. The unveiling of Matt's rebrand of the Sabres this week was met with a rather mixed reaction — that spawned a lot of attempts to fix it. Now, there were some good ones (which I'm saving to post over the weekend) and there were some bad ones (which you will see now).

You may have to stare at that for quite a while to figure out what it is. Kudos to anyone who can figure it out without me explaining it. Naturally, there's a jersey concept to go with it.

Thing about the Sabres, though, is while there are a number of very vocal fans opposed to the "slug" logo, it just so happens that plenty of folks like it. So the trick because how to make it less about the buffalo and more about the sabres.

All from the same artist. Comments?

Let's move on now to the Atlantic Division where we have a number of Combo Concepts, as I think I'll start calling them. First is a current Penguins logo mixed with an old one.

There are some things we should just never have to look at.

I'm sure you can figure out the relevance here. One more...

And now we move way out west for a simple concept based on the old Mighty Ducks secondary mark.

It has wings!

Speaking of Anaheim, if you remember back to the last Freak Out post, you might remember the series of logos based on the Mighty Ducks' old third jersey with the giant duck bursting through the ice. I'm presenting them one division at a time. This time it's the Atlantic.

You'll get another division next time but that's all for this week. Express your disbelief and hysteria in the comments area below if you're so inclined and get ready for No. 40 in two weeks!