Bolts Go Photoshopping

First, yes Vinny signed an 11-year contract with my Tampa Bay Lightning and I couldn't be happier. But it's actually Steven Stamkos that has me writing this evening. It appears even official team web sites aren't above Photoshopping jerseys onto players who haven't actually worn them yet.

This ad is currently appearing on the Bolts' home page.

At first you may think nothing of it. But look at the guy on the right. Is that Stamkos? In a Lightning jersey? When would he have had occasion to don a Bolts jersey in game action? Any graphic artist worth his salt should be able to tell in a second that it's not a real photo based on the lighting and shadows alone.

If you're not sold, consider this: Even when training camp rolls around, they don't wear full-on game sweaters. They have practice jerseys for that. So I'm led to the conclusion that his head has been pasted on someone else's body. And, of course, the numbers have been added because no player to my knowledge wore #91 for the Lightning last year.

Wow! Maybe I'm the only one intrigued by this, but I figure if I'm not alone, you guys would be the only other ones who care. So speaking of which, if anybody happens to run across a free agent signee already in his new team's uniform on an official web site, shoot me an email.

I'll leave you with this question: Who was that originally a picture of and how do you think he feels about having his head chopped off and his number changed?