New Icethetics Features

Quick note about some new features I'm trying out.

As many of you have noticed that you can now post comments while on the same page as the post you're commenting on instead of going to a completely separate page. Figured it might be helpful. The "subscribe to comments" link doesn't exist anymore but my solution to that is at the bottom of the sidebar on the right side of the page.

You can choose to subscribe to all posts or all comments on all posts via RSS. Unfortunately you can't subscribe to a single post's comments as far as I know. If nothing else, it gives you a reason to keep coming back, right?

Also, I've added a star rating system. You can now rate individual posts from 1 to 5 stars. I don't know how you'd decide what to rate a post given the number of concepts I might include in one. I guess it's kind of like voting on which logo is better. Just go with your gut. You can even rate this post. I dare you!

My next step is determining a way to build a concept art gallery where you can rate the designs. I'm not sure where we'd go with that, but I think just having it would be a nice start. It would give everyone an idea of where the majority of visitors stand on the various works of art. If anyone has any suggestions or knows of any great sites that might be able to easily accomplish this, I'm all ears.

That's all for now. I'll be posting those new uniform concepts from Paul shortly.