Wallpaper Wednesday IV

I've been at work for 15 hours today so forgive me if this post is less chipper than usual. I'm lucky to be posting at all at this point. But it is Wednesday so you deserve your wallpapers for the week. Today's post is rather player-focused.

Up first is Wild goalie Nicklas Backstrom.

Also got Bruin Phil Kessel inside some broken glass, I think.

A rather informative wallpaper for Ducks netminder Jonas Hiller.

This next one is all about the future of the only NHL team never to make the postseason (sorry Blue Jackets fans).

And lastly, newly signed Red Wings goaltender Ty Conklin up close and personal.

By the way, keep the wallpaper artwork coming. I'm starting to run low. And if I run out, we're going to have to skip a week.

Anyway, that does it for me. I need to get some sleep so I can be back at work again at 3 AM. Goodnight!