Red, White & Blue

I don't plan on blowing anything up tonight. It's not really my thing. Instead, you guessed it... concept art. And what NHL team is quintessentially red, white and blue? If you're Canadian, you might say Montreal, but then they're actually bleu, blanc et rouge, aren't they?

No, I'm speaking of the New York Rangers. And one reader has submitted some rather unconventional designs.

Doesn't really scream New York Rangers to me, but I see where he was going.

Another red, white and blue team is the Washington Capitals but that's a recent development after they spent more than a decade in navy and bronze (which I always loved, by the way).

That's a rather simple design and, if I do say so, not entirely worthy of this club. I've also been sent a peculiar design for a blue third jersey.

I'm not sure where they eagle came from, but it just feels unoriginal. It's a simple design but not in the good way.

And finally, I hate to leave out our Canadian friends, so with the next all-star weekend being held in Montreal, enjoy this set of concept jerseys for the big game.

American folk: Enjoy the fireworks tonight. Try not to blow off any appendages and we'll consider it a success. Canadian folk: Carry on as usual with your Friday night.