Habs To Wear Shoulder Patches?

The guys over at Hockey Bums wrote up a bit about possible uniform alterations for the Canadiens to celebrate their 100th year. They included this image from NHL 09.

It shows two different 100th anniversary shoulder patches. No word on whether this was created for the game or is an official design for the Habs. It was noted that these screen shots were taken while the game was in a special mode that allows the user to choose the players' equipment.

It's also been reported that the Habs will have a number of the special vintage sweaters throughout the season to mark the centennial event. I'll keep you updated as I learn more.

UPDATE (8/14 12:40 AM): Here's a funny irony that just hit me. This post about the 100th anniversary of the Canadiens... is my 100th post at Icethetics! Things like that just crack me up.