Taking A Break

Hey guys. By now you may have noticed a couple of things. First, I closed down the comments on the Rouge poll. And second, I didn't post a Wallpaper Wednesday. Briefly, here's why. I've decided to take a break from Icethetics.

I know, it seems like things are going well here and while they are, I'm the sort of person who tends to have a dozen different projects up in the air all at once. Some of those other projects are starting to beg more of my time and I'm willing to give it. This blog has always been a hobby for me — something fun to fill the empty hours.

But that's not all. Lately, with everything that's been going on here it's started to feel more like work. All the logo tournaments, third jersey news and the IHA Project to name a few. Those of you following the IHA will probably assume some of this has to do with the never-ending complaints surrounding the project. You aren't entirely wrong there. When you guys fill the comments with whining and complaining, you just make it less fun — for me and everyone else. (If you don't like it, why do you feel you have to say so? Find another web site to visit.)

Anyway, when a hobby starts to become more of a hassle, it's time to get a new hobby, isn't it?

I'm not abandoning Icethetics. Don't worry. I'll still keep you up to date on any news that comes my way. I'm going to see the IHA Project through to the end — bitter or not. I'll keep comments open but I won't be reading or responding to them for obvious reasons. If anyone would like to address me directly, you have my email.

You should also expect less concept art posts and the days where I'd write three or four posts are probably behind us for a while. I'm sure this won't last long. I just need to get pumped about the site again. I'm not right now and that stinks.

Here's what you can expect. New polls will continue to get posted. The Rebranding the NHL series will not be interrupted. Any concept art I get that I really like will probably be posted quickly but not as much as usual.

As far as the Icethetics-based fantasy league that's been discussed, I'll wait to decide whether to move forward with that. The poll looks good. I've moved it below the Center Ice polls, by the way. About 70% of the almost 1,500 voters want to do it, but I'm going to see how things progress with the IHA before I make a decision. I don't want a rehash of this mess.

Sorry to be such a downer (and to have written such a long post about nothing) but I figure it's better to keep you guys in the loop than give the appearance that I'm ignoring the blog. Let's try to enjoy what's left of the summer!