Jerseys For Your Tuesday

I've had a few jersey concepts sitting around that I thought I'd share this afternoon. I wanted to start with the Montreal Canadiens — who, according to a few sources will have a number of vintage sweaters throughout the season to celebrate their centennial. Using some past looks, one designer came up with this three.

Solid if not a bit boring.

Notice the name on the back of that one.

And those stripes are making me hallucinate.

Moving to the west now, we've got a cool concept for the Stars.

Seems that Bruins jersey would work for just about any team with a little recoloring. And while we're on new colors, when Matt did his Dallas rebrand, a couple of people brought up the idea of using Cowboys colors. Here's how that might manifest itself.

It's not bad but a little to close to my Lightning, you know?

And speaking of the Lightning, they're currently facing the Flames in the Center Ice Tournament — last day to vote on that poll, by the way! Here's a Flames concept jersey with their original colors and an interesting new alternate logo on the shoulders.

It's not the outline of Alberta I'm impressed by, but the small flame within it. Anyway, keep the concept art coming. We've also got a Wallpaper Wednesday tomorrow. Get excited!