Bruins LEAK Third Jersey!

UPDATE (10/28 11:05 AM): Some of the information in this post has changed. This "unveiling" was technically a leak by the team. The official release date for the Bruins' third jersey is November 24. Click here for more info...

According to, the Boston Bruins unveiled their new third jersey tonight at the State of the Bruins event.

The jerseys are basically what was expected — black with the secondary logo on the front and the primary logo on the shoulders. Sound familiar? It's exactly what we saw in the preview back in February.

Here are some pictures from Chris at of Milan Lucic in the new sweater.

credit: Chris @

I find it a little strange that this news comes without any big fanfare. I guess the Bruins wanted to treat their season ticket holders to something special before taking it to the rest of the world.

My thanks to Chris at for the heads up on this news and for posting the great pictures.

When the Bruins post something official on their web site, I'll be sure to let you know.

UPDATE (9/11 9:48 AM): Still no official pictures of the jersey from the Bruins, but they do have a quick little bit on their web site. In an article discussing the State of the Bruins event was the following.

A very special surprise came at the end of the festivities when Milan Lucic walked onto the ice to unveil the Bruins new third jersey. ... A touched Lucic said, “I love you, too” after being lauded by the crowd when he entered the rink.

And despite having a photo gallery from the event online, there are no pictures of Lucic in the third jersey. Still waiting...

UPDATE (9/12 10:20 AM): I've added a photo gallery for the Bruins' new third jersey. Because the Bruins have yet to post anything official, the gallery is currently made up only of photos from Chris at

I'll post more as I find them.