Regarding NHL 09

I've been receiving a lot of emails regarding the release of EA Sports' NHL 09 video game. The questions are about whether the game, which was released yesterday in North America, features the new third jerseys.

Last year, when the new Rbk EDGE jerseys were released, NHL 08 featured a special code to unlock the jerseys since the game was going to be out before all the teams had unveiled them. That didn't work out so well since the code was "accidentally" leaked before it was supposed be.

Regarding NHL 09: It is my understanding this game also features an area where a code is to be entered to unlock 19 "alternate jerseys" for 18 teams. It actually features two for the Sabres. My guess is that one is the third jersey, which is blue, and the other is possibly the Winter Classic sweater, which was white.

I do not own a copy of the game so I'm only going on what I've been told by others.

Now for the important part. No, I do not have the code. No, I do not know when it will be released. I'm sure that if it does leak, someone will send in screenshots of the jerseys included in the game — just like last year — and I will post them.

That is the extent to which I'm going to talk about the game on Icethetics since that is the extent to which the game is relevant to hockey jerseys or logos.

I hope that clears up some things. This is all I know so any more emails on the subject will be disregarded.