Admirals AHL Logo Game

I was surfing around tonight when I stumbled across something kind of funny. I happened to click on the Milwaukee Admirals' web site. (Can't remember what for. Usually I have no interest in the AHL.) In the Fans section of their site is this funny little Flash game based around AHL team logos.

It's called Logo Face-off and you can find it here.

Basically, you control the goalie with the arrow keys on your keyboard, moving him left and right. Various team logos are falling down at various speeds and your goal is to catch all the Admirals logos. Weird because as a goalie you shouldn't be stopping your own team, you should be stopping everybody else.

I don't know how long this game's been there or how long it will stay, but if you're bored, it's a decent way to kill a few minutes.

For the record, I got 74 points.