Icethetics Season Preview

Today, I'm announcing the Icethetics Season Preview. The Preview is basically a week of festivities leading up to the start of the 2008-09 season.

It's everything to get you ready for the year — you know, in terms of jerseys and logos. And "festivities" might be an oversell. Still, it's a week's worth of coverage to make sure you know what's new for the new season. And it all starts in just two weeks.

  • New Anniversary & Commemorative Logos
    Monday, September 29: I'll outline all the new NHL logos that will be used this season to symbolize birthday celebrations, tributes and memorials.

  • New Center Ice Designs
    Tuesday, September 30: I'll tell you about all the NHL arenas with new paint jobs on the ice.

  • New Minor League Logos
    Wednesday, October 1: I'll step back from the NHL mid-week and show off all the new logos that will be used this season around the AHL, ECHL and any other relevant HL.

  • New NHL Logos
    Thursday, October 2: All of the new logos being introduced throughout the NHL will be on display. Plenty of teams are adding new alternate logos for their third jersey, which brings us to...

  • New Third Jerseys
    Friday, October 3: This year, third jerseys are making their comeback! I'll outline all the official new alternate sweaters going into service for 2008-09. Not just for the NHL either. I'm covering the AHL and ECHL too on this one.

So there you have it — the Icethetics Season Preview. Remember, it kicks off in two weeks and you won't want to miss it.