NHL.com Gets A Makeover

I'm sure the second site you visit every day is NHL.com — first being Icethetics, of course. Well if you haven't already heard, the NHL's official web site is getting a facelift and the beta version of it is now online.

It features a beautiful new sleek look and feel. I'm going to be spending a lot of time on it looking around today.

They've even introduced new logo graphics which even have me a little impressed.

You can get a complete look at them on the Standings page.

I wonder if this look will be made available to the individual teams for web site revamps. Certainly would help. The template handed down by the league last year was— is pitiful.

I want to know what you guys think, but first, call me crazy or a little full of myself, but don't some of the design elements of the new site remind you a little of Icethetics? The glassy look to the logo graphics — a staple of the old NHLToL... even the small area behind the NHL logo with the diagonal lines.

I'm probably just seeing what I want to see, but it's kind of interesting to me because the look of it is right up my alley. Comment away!