Avs 3rd Leaked (Again... Sort of)

Received an interesting photo this afternoon. I'm not sure what to make of it. It appears to be a cell picture of the new Colorado Avalanche third jersey hanging in a sporting goods store.

Couple of problems with it thought. First, take a look, then I'll give you my thoughts. The photo comes from an anonymous Icethetics reader.

Possible Avs third jersey?

First off, the collar proves this is not an authentic or premier Reebok Edge jersey. I'd go short of calling it on a knock-off since there does appear to be a rack full of them. My bet is it's a youth jersey.

Take a look at the NHL Shop and you'll see that the collars on the kids' jerseys get a different treatment across the board.

Example of Reebok Edge youth jersey

It looks fairly close to what we see in the Avs photo above. But aside from that, the design is exactly what's been rumored in all the computer-generated mock-ups that Icethetics has posted.

As for this photo in particular, the email simply said it was from a "shop in Colorado." No specifics. (Also, it was taken with a BlackBerry.)

More or less, I say this is what the Avalanche will take to the ice wearing in a few weeks when they officially debut their alternate sweater. What do you guys think?

(By the way, I know a promised concepts for my next post, but this was actual news! You'll get concepts before the weekend is out. More than you can handle.)