The Endangered Orca

I got an interesting email from a Vancouver Canucks fan yesterday. He told me about all the signs he's been noticing that leads him to believe the orca logo, introduced in 1997, may finally be on its way out.

Rather than paraphrasing what he had to say, I thought I'd go ahead and let you all read the email for yourself and make up your own minds.

Just a heads up for next season. Although I'm drawing conclusions based on current marketing efforts by the Vancouver Canucks I think we should look to expect the end of the "orca whale C" logo next season and seeing the stick-in-rink third jersey come into full time use. 

Why, you ask? First, the new ownership group renamed operations away from Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment to Canucks Sports. Second, the current third jersey is used exclusively in current marketing and branding efforts, including the team website. In fact, the players are wearing this one whenever they do public appearances, hospital visits, etc.

Third, the stick-in-rink and "Johnny Canuck" logos now dominate team store merchandise and team merchandise available throughout the province. And likely the biggest clue are the huge price reductions and promos offered through the team store encouraging people to buy the current orca whale jersey. The ads even say "orca whale jersey" in ways that clearly distinguish it from the more popular current third. Every week there's a new incentive being advertised on Vancouver sports radio from the team store to sell off this jersey. 

Will Canucks fans finally get their wish? All signs are pointing in that direction.


For the record, both the Canucks and Buffalo Sabres celebrate their 40th NHL seasons in 2010-11. Sabres brass has already talked publicly about reverting to the classic logos and uniforms from the '70s and '80s.

It's funny how these teams appear to be having mid-life crises — just like a guy who hits 40 and longs to recapture his youth with sports cars and such. It's weird in a way, you have to admit.