Third Jersey '09 News!

I see you guys have kept busy in my absence. What a shambles. Told you I'd be taking a break, though. Just longer than I expected. I really want to get back to things. So much interesting stuff going on that's just not getting the coverage it deserves. I'd like to take on a second writer. If you're interested, email me. But only if you're serious. Crappy writers need not apply. I also need someone dedicated, unlike myself these days.

Anyway, onto today's news. Adam writes in with 2009 third jersey info. As ever, I can't entirely vouch for its veracity, but suffice to say I have no reason to doubt it. But to protect the innocent, I won't say where this information comes from.

Among the teams adding new third jerseys for 2009-10 are Calgary, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota and Nashville. These are all teams who have previously had third jerseys but we don't yet know if they'll be going back to what the old ones or trying something new. Obviously, Minnesota will need a new design since they made their old red third their home sweater in the Age of Reebok.

Calgary could return to the Flaming Horse but I highly doubt it. Colorado and Nashville could return to burgundy and mustard, respectively. And I really hope Florida does something more than toggling the broken stick in the panther's mouth.

But wait, there's more! Edmonton fans rejoice! Allegedly, your club is getting brand new home and road jerseys. Sadly, that's all the information I have at the moment. We'll probably just see minor changes like, you know, connecting the sleeve stripes. The third jersey isn't going anywhere.

Philadelphia is pulling the old switch-a-roo and making orange their home color and black their third. Flyers fans will love that. And finally, as previously reported, the Blackhawks will swap out their current third jersey with their Winter Classic duds.

Conspicuously absent from this list is of course the Capitals and Rangers. I guess we'll have to wait even longer for that Lady Liberty crest to make its triumphant return to hockey.

All right, I hope this news somewhat makes up for my absence as of late. I plan to get to all of the jersey news I missed in that time over the next week or so. Plus, concepts! Lots have been sent in and lots will be posted.

Also we'll try to finish up this whole IceHL thing and get some new projects going. I've missed you guys and I hope you missed me too.