Fenway Will Host Bruins, Flyers

The Winter Classic 2010 will be held January 1 at Fenway Park between the Boston Bruins and the Philadelphia Flyers. This should come as a shock to no one who regularly reads Icethetics. I'm posting it today because the NHL is making the official announcement this afternoon.

Additionally, the Boston Globe posted pictures online, giving readers a sneak peek. They come from NHL communications manager Schuyler Baehman's Twitter account. You can see them right here as well.

Winter Classic 2010 via Boston.comThe logo (upper left) takes on a slightly new look from years past. Certainly a more vintage feel. The photo on the bottom shows the layout of the rink on the baseball field while in the outfield you can see the blow-up jerseys that indicate the Flyers as the Bs' opponent.

The press conference will likely yield more information. I'll update this post later tonight.The NHL will release the 2009-10 season schedule later this afternoon as well.

And one more note. Part 3 of the Sweater Switch series will be posted tomorrow. It will include Gaborik, Havlat and the other new members of the Canadiens.