Claims of a Predators Preview

I'm normally opposed to posts based entirely upon rumor, but I can make an exception in the name of a slow news day. Yesterday, a commenter called LF3240 left us a couple of links to interesting message board threads that explore potential third jersey options for the Nashville Predators.

I'll start with the realistic and slowly move into the silly. To start, a user at HFBoards (echlfreak) claimed to have had an "inside look" at the new alternate sweater. Whether this is true or wishful thinking remains to be seen, but I'll take a page out of CNN's book and report on the reports of others for a moment.

The following is that user's description of the jersey, verbatim.

There is no yellow or gold at all. They have brought in a steel grey, same blue color and some other shades of grey to the logo. Same Pred logo...just different color scheme.

The arms and bottom have two white stripes separating a thick middle stripe. The middle stripe is black and blue checkers. Tie on the front.

Thats it. Looks cool from far. But, the checkers is kind of dumb up close. From far away the checkers are not noticeable.

That spurred another user to create the following concept design.

I'm not a fan, but then it's not geared toward me. It's more for the Nashville/NASCAR fan, I think. (The checkered pattern?) What I do like is the simplified color scheme. However, echlfreak replied, "The checkers are only two rows and the Pred's eye is red." Mulligan.

Not much different, but also not any better. Typically a lot is lost in translation when people get a quick glance at a new sweater. So we'll just have to see when in comes time for the Preds to release the real thing.

The aforementioned message board threads also featured a handful of other concepts based on what fans are hoping for. Two stuck out for me — both featuring the relatively new saber-toothed skull logo. The first is based on a more traditional striped look.

The other looks like something you might seen on someone working in a construction zone.

Philadelphia can get away with orange. Maybe even the Ducks one day. This concept convinces me the Predators should never attempt it.

I wish I had more to offer tonight. But unfortunately, rumors reign when facts are few and far between. Take all of this with a grain of salt and believe none of it until you read the word "official" in the Icethetics post headline.

And Happy 4th of July!