Change the Leafs Logo

I mentioned this briefly on Twitter several weeks ago, but I've been getting emails almost daily about one Toronto fan's attempt at fixing his team's logo.

In case you're one of the few that hasn't yet heard, and creator Jeff Veillette are on a crusade to convince the Toronto Maple Leafs to change their logo and uniforms. He likes the new third jersey so much he thinks it deserves a promotion.

The design is based on one that originated in 1938 and went by the wayside in 1967 — following the team's final Stanley Cup championship. It's extremely recognizable and beyond that, the Leafs have not won anything since. If that's not reason enough, I don't know what is.

Jeff wants the Leafs to shed the current look, which is by many accounts one of the worst in the league right now, and go with a classic, more traditional design. And who here can blame him?

The current logo has been in service for nearly 40 years and in that time, no Stanley Cups have found their way to Toronto. So Jeff started a petition to, hopefully, reverse the team's luck. Currently, more than 1,300 people have agreed with them.

I'm curious to see what Icethetics readers think of this petition. Cast your vote in the poll to the right. Should the Maple Leafs switch back to the old logo Jeff is talking about or should they just keep everything the way it is — leaving the old logo and uniform for special occasions as an alternate jersey?  

Jeff has gotten some local press about his campaign too. He's spoken to the Toronto Sun and the Toronto Star, both of which have published interesting articles which seem to be in support of the idea, even if not everyone is. The following was printed by the Star.

The petition's backers have been using the Internet to promote their cause, but they're also considering holding a rally to attract attention to their efforts.

But Hall of Famer Red Kelly, a Stanley Cup champion with the Leafs, doesn't think changing the logo will make any difference.

"It's not the logo or the number on the back, it's the player that's going to do the winning," said Kelly, who won four Cups during his stint with the Leafs from 1959 to 1967.

"I think the key is the maple leaf, regardless of the shape it's in. If it's a maple leaf, then it's a Toronto team."

Kelly has a good point, but superstition can be a powerful thing.

Head on over to and check out the petition. Are you in favor of a return to the old days? Or do you think the Leafs should keep their look the way it is?