IceHL, KractIce Project Updates

Hi guys. I apologize for dragging my feet on the Season Preview. I will get it done this week along with some other news I need to get posted. However, I've been working on getting things moving on our two big projects — IceHL and KractIce.

The jersey design phase of the IceHL has begun. You can read up on how the process will work and today at 3, you will able to download the graphics package for the first division and start sending in your entries. I look forward to seeing all the awesome uniform designs that come in.

The next part of the KractIce project is now in the sidebar. The four finalists have been chosen and it's time for your vote to pick the winner! Cast your vote for the best logo to represent the new lifestyle brand. That poll will be open until Sunday.

Thanks to all of you who have been participating in these awesome projects here at Icethetics!