Habs 100th Gets Early Exile

Much to the dismay of us jersey geeks, the Montreal Canadiens have abruptly ended their Centennial celebrations — meaning no more 100th anniversary jersey nights.

Scott Gomez #91The news comes by way of Habs Inside/Out and the Montreal Gazette (via a link provided by Dave MC). It was a short, simple post that went up on Saturday morning. It read as follows:

Don't look for the Canadiens to be wearing their replica 1909-10 blue C-crested jerseys tonight or Feb. 13 vs. Philadelphia, as announced at the beginning of the season. The club says its on-ice 100th-anniversary celebrations ended with the Dec. 4 Centennial Game vs. Boston.

Wonder when they made that decision. It's a little strange to see them going back on something like this. My only guess is that the specialty jerseys did not get a favorable response from the fans. Reading through the comments on the Habs Inside/Out post only substantiates that idea.

So while it's awfully disappointing to see the Centennial Jerseys go by the wayside, it sure was fun while it lasted. Maybe they'll do it again for the Bicentennial. (But I'm sure Icethetics won't be around by then.)

As I mentioned before, I'm working on Jersey Galleries for these five sweaters. However, I am having some trouble finding decent game action photos. If you know where I can find some, please drop me a line.