Caps Unveil Winter Classic Jersey!

Washington Capitals unveil their 2011 Winter Classic jersey

No surprises here.

The Washington Capitals unveiled their 2011 Winter Classic sweater today at the Capitals Convention. As anticipated, the Caps will wear their 1970s throwback jerseys.

W.C. jersey from behindThe original design has been modified to fit the Reebok Edge style which includes an NHL logo at the front of the collar. The jersey is white with a red shoulder yoke and the vintage logo emblazoned across the chest and six blue and red stars aligned above it.

There are blue and red stars running the length of the sleeve from the number to the wrist. The heavy red, white and blue stripes around the bottom of the sweater would be perfect but for the curved hem of the Edge design.

Outside of that, it looks just like what the Capitals wore from their inception in 1974 until 1995 when the dumped they red, white and blue color scheme for dark blue, bronze and black (personally, my favorite era until the black jersey came along).

What do you think? Did the Caps hit the mark here with a simple classic for the Winter Classic?