Wild Third Jersey Schedule

The Minnesota Wild have posted on their website the dates when they plan to sport their green alternate uniform. It will only be used at home.

Icethetics reader Ryan wrote in with a link to the team's Promotional Schedule, which notes each of the nights that the Wild will be wearing the third jersey, which debuted a year ago. The only difference this season is that the sweaters will have the Wild's 10th anniversary patch sewn onto the front.

The alternate jersey has already been used twice this month. Here is the complete 16-night schedule:

  • Sat., Oct. 16 - vs Columbus
  • Mon., Oct. 25 - vs Los Angeles
  • Tue., Nov. 2 - vs San Jose
  • Wed., Nov. 17 - vs Anaheim
  • Fri., Nov. 26 - vs Nashville
  • Thu., Dec. 16 - vs Ottawa
  • Sun., Dec. 26 - vs Detroit
  • Sun., Jan. 2 - vs Phoenix
  • Sun., Jan. 16 - vs Vancouver
  • Sat., Feb. 12 - vs St. Louis
  • Sun., Feb. 20 - vs Detroit
  • Mon., Feb. 28 - vs Chicago
  • Tue., Mar. 8 - vs Colorado
  • Sun., Mar. 20 - vs Montreal
  • Tue., Mar. 22 - vs Toronto
  • Sat., Apr. 2 - vs Tampa Bay

The Lightning are the only non-Canadian team in the Eastern Conference that will face the Wild in green. The Red Wings are the only team to face the green twice this year.

It's also worth noting that the Wild are planning to wear the third jersey 16 times this season. Previously, we were under the impression that the NHL set a limit of 15 games for an alternate uniform. Perhaps that's merely a suggestion.