Rangers Sweater Leaks — Again

Rangers' jersey leaked againIf there were any doubts before, let them certainly be quashed now.

Icethetics reader Sean (presumably not Avery) sends in photos of the New York Rangers new Heritage Jersey he found hanging on a store shelf.

I won't mention the name of the store where the pictures were taken as I'm not interested in getting anyone in trouble. But there were a number of them hanging on the rack (right).

And to be fair, these are pictures of the youth version of the jersey. But you get the idea. It's further proof of the sweater's "retro" design, which will be officially unveiled this Friday — in just two days.

The way the Rangers have been promoting the Heritage Jersey, I'm not sure if it's also going to serve as a third jersey for any indefinite amount of time. It looks good so I'm hoping it sticks around a while.

Back of new Rangers jerseyThis jersey was first leaked by Sean Avery back in September. What we didn't see in his lone photo were the details, such as the number and lettering styles.

We've got that covered now (left). And if you're also interested in seeing the special design on the inside of the collar, look no further. It reads "Established 1926" on the back.

Again, these are youth sweaters, so the collar design and jersey material don't match actual Reebok Edge specs, but all the critical design details should be accurate.

Just in case there's any question, I'm told the name and number outlines are in vintage white, not true white. And it appears the number font is the same as the home and road sweaters without the shadow effect.

Despite this pre-release look at the Rangers' newest jersey, I'm still looking forward to seeing it on a player in a game. I'm sure we all are.