Devils Vintage Jerseys Revealed!

Devils 1980s jerseysHa! It worked! In my last post, I said don't count on seeing the New Jersey Devils' throwback sweaters until the night they wear them — March 17 — hoping to jinx it.

And it seems to have worked!

The Devils revealed their vintage red and green sweaters tonight on their official web site. They announced the sale of 82 player-worn practice jerseys from the 1980s — sample seen in the photo above.

Now before you go crazy about the iron-on crests, let me point out that these are not the jerseys the Devils will wear in March.

Devils throwback jersey (Glocally Newark)This is! (Sort of.)

Glocally Newark posted pictures tonight. Apparently, the Devils Den team store just received their shipment and they will go on sale tomorrow!

You'll notice this is NOT a Reebok Edge jersey. This is a genuine old school CCM sweater. Now, does that mean the item pictured is a replica or could it actually be an authentic?

Can't say yet. Unfortunately, Glocally Newark doesn't appear to have that information. However, they do have a lot more pictures and I would encourage you to have a look for yourself.

So keep in mind these are two unrelated items I've posted together here: 1) The Devils have announced player-worn practice jerseys from the 1980s are on sale now, and 2) Glocally Newark has pictures from the Devils Den store of the throwback jerseys that will also be on sale.

I'll post more details and information as they become available. Thanks to those of you who emailed in on this tonight!