Back to the Minors

It's once again times to revisit our friends in the minor leagues. They've always got unique jerseys for us.

Wranglers girl scout jerseysUp first, the ECHL's Las Vegas Wranglers spent last Friday dressed up as girl scouts. Remember that?

Now we get to see them in action and it's an absolute riot. I'm as fascinated as anyone by the special auctionable jerseys the minors have become known for, but sometimes I can't help but laugh.

This photo (right) comes from the Las Vegas Sun, which has a bunch more pictures, I know you're dying to see.

There's yet another on the Wranglers' official website along with a write-up of the game, which they won 5-4. How do the Condors feel about getting beaten by a bunch of girls?

Mudbugs "go green" jerseysOne team I can always count on for a crazy specialty jersey is the Central Hockey League's Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs. And just this week they decided to "go green."

And by that I mean they wore jerseys depicting and open field and wind turbines. So let's waste resources by manufacturing yet another new hockey jersey. Makes sense. If they were smart, they would've worn jerseys made out of recycled plastic bags or something. (Now that I'd like to see!)

If you find yourself in need of a Mudbugs "go green" jersey, auction details can be found here. And for the record, the Mudbugs are actually a pretty good hockey team. They wore these jerseys on Sunday, winning 5-4, and again on Tuesday with a 5-1 win that catapulted them past the first round of the CHL playoffs.

Monsters go pinkAnd lastly, the AHL's Lake Erie Monsters will hold Pink the Rink Night this evening.

As the graphic (right) says, the ice will be painted pink and the team will wear special pink jerseys to be auctioned off following the game.

I will try to track down photos after the game to share here in this post so check back tomorrow for that.

By the way, as I do my best to keep my thumb on the pulse of minor league hockey jerseys, I'm always looking for more. I know we've got a lot of readers in minor league towns, so feel free to drop me a line when your team is up to something.