Kings Going Retro in 2010-11?

The Los Angeles Kings will sport a special throwback jersey for a handful of games in the 2010-11 season, according to LA Kings Insider blogger Rich Hammond.

Hammond wrote on his blog earlier today, answering fan questions, that the Kings would wear the purple-and-gold uniforms for as many as four games against the Vancouver Canucks, who will be celebrating their 40th anniversary season.

Kings may wear this again soonHere's the direct quote from LA Kings Insider:

mrbob25 asked: 1) Who makes the decision to wear alternate jerseys for home games? 2) Will the Kings continue with their black-purple-silver uniforms with the crown or must we witness another uniform modification/change of using the alternate "LA" unis as primary? Good to know for the fans considering an authentic jersey purchase.

Answers: 1) I'm not actually sure how they set the regular-season schedule. It is pre-determined though, because I saw the schedule, early in the season, of which games the players would wear the black uniforms in. For the playoffs, the players decided to wear the black jerseys.

2) I don’t know of any significant changes on the horizon. I think they’re staying with the black alternates, and I know that, for at least one game next season (and perhaps three more), the Kings are going to wear an old-school purple-and-goal uniform against the Vancouver Canucks, because it will be the Canucks’ 40th anniversary.

Not only is this information of prime interest to Kings fans, but Canucks fans as well. Presumably, if another team in the league (not even in their own division) is wearing a classic sweater to celebrate the anniversary, the Canucks are likely to as well. And perhaps other teams will join the fray. But all that is just speculation.

The photo above comes from and is only meant as a reference. This is brand new information and Hammond doesn't go into specifics about the jersey itself. But since it is available in the NHL Vintage collection, it wouldn't surprise me to see it be used in this case.

If this is true and the Kings are going retro against the Canucks next season, I cannot imagine the Canucks would wear the whale. Time itself would likely implode. Think the classic stick-in-the-rink that Icethetics readers seem to have a love-hate relationship with.

Before I go, I thought I should address a Kings-related question I've been getting a lot lately. Many have asked, are the Kings giving their current thirds full-time home jersey status next season?

As Hammond says, there is no evidence for any changes to the home, road or alternate sweaters for 2010-11. The team opted to wear the black-and-silver sweaters at home throughout this postseason, but things should go back to normal next fall.