Official: OKC Barons Unveiled!

After weeks of knowing but not really knowing, now we know. The Edmonton Oilers' AHL affiliate is named the Oklahoma City Barons. And the logo is exactly as leaked.

The unveiling took place this afternoon at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City where Prodigal Hockey officially unveiled the name, logo and uniforms for the AHL's newest member.

Barons uniforms unveiledIcethetics readers were not surprised by the logo, but likely disappointed by the uniforms. Instead of being bold and creative, the Barons will wear the same, poorly designed home and road uniforms their parent club debuted in 2007 with the introduction of the Age of Reebok (right).

Hockey logos and uniforms never seem to surprise me anymore. Everybody seems to go for the safe option, lest they leave anyone offended. But such is the nature of things, right?

You can check out more photos from today's press event via the Oilers' official website. If you want to become a Barons fan, here are some useful links.

That should cover all of your Barons needs. If you visit the official website, you can pre-order merchandise and throw in your two cents to help name the team mascot.

The next big name/logo unveiling will come by way of Greenville's new ECHL club, formerly known as the Johnstown Chiefs. That will take place on June 25. And unlike the Barons, they seem to be locked up pretty tight. Either that or no one really cares about that team.

I would also expect, at some point this summer, the announcement that the AHL's Lowell Devils are moving to Albany. That will likely bring with it a new logo as well. And in the meantime, it appears the Phoenix Coyotes may be safe in xenophobic Arizona. If anything changes there, I'll try to keep you apprised.