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Just threw this together this morning. A little something to pass the time, I suppose, while news is light. It's a cool way to get an overall geographical look at the NHL. If you guys like it, no reason we can't do other leagues.

By the way, I recommend zooming in for a good look around the northeast. Lots of teams clumped together up there. Also, Terrain view reduces the clutter of roads and things.

Some observations: 

  • Never considered how remote the Stars and Avalanche are.
  • Do the Devils walk to Madison Square Garden when they play the Rangers?
  • Southernmost team: Florida Panthers
  • Northernmost team: Edmonton Oilers
  • Westernmost team: Vancouver Canucks
  • Easternmost team: Boston Bruins

Share any observations of your own in the comments. Or feel free to tell me this map was a waste of time. Just remember that aside from this, not much else to report lately.