Aug. 4: Heritage Classic News

The NHL will make an official announcement about the 2011 Heritage Classic, the other outdoor game, next Wednesday at McMahon Stadium in Calgary, according to a posting on the Flames' official Twitter account.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of information outside of that micro-blog update, which you can see here:

NHLFlames #flames and #canadiens and #NHL to hold news conference re Heritage Classic Aug. 4 at McMahon at 3pm MT

For those who don't speak Tweet, I'll translate: The Calgary Flames, Montreal Canadiens and the NHL will hold a news conference regarding the 2011 Heritage Classic on August 4 at McMahon Stadium at 3 PM (Mountain Time). That's 5 PM for those of us on the east coast, 2 if you find yourself near the Pacific.

That's really the only official source I can cite, not that there's any reason to doubt it. I've added the date to the calendar and I'll be keeping an eye out for further details. One would assume this press conference will be a lot like the Winter Classic event earlier this week. We'll likely get a look at how the rink will be positioned in the football stadium and possibly retro logos, if any will be used.

And just like the W.C., we'll probably have to wait on the jerseys. Last month, Flames president Ken King said the team would have a specially-designed sweater for the event. And despite having a decent arsenal of throwbacks stemming from their 100th anniversary celebrations, if I know the Canadiens, they'll probably just wear their standard road jersey.