Ducks Detail 3rd Jersey Debut

The Anaheim Ducks have officially confirmed that their new alternate uniform will be unveiled when they hit the ice on November 26.

The third jersey announcement was made on Wednesday via the team's website. The new sweater will be worn 14 more times during the season following the game against the Blackhawks. For the record, the Ducks will wear their regular home jersey during warm-ups so the new uni truly won't be seen until game time.

A general description of the new jersey design was included in the release.

“After introducing a new name, logo and colors to our fans four years ago, we felt it important to give our original look due time to establish itself in the market,” said Ducks Vice President of Sales and Marketing Bob Wagner. “At this point, we’re excited to introduce an additional look for the team in 2010-11, one we feel confident our fans will embrace.”

Since the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim became the Anaheim Ducks on June 22, 2006, the club has worn a jersey with a color palette of black and metallic gold with orange accents as a metaphorical link to Orange County. The primary logo emblazoned across the front of the jersey is a strong typographic mark anchored by a stylized “D” that echoes the image of a duck’s footprint.

The third jersey will put an alternative spin on the traditional colors and logo, also paying homage to the club’s history.

Ha! You mean the "strong typographic mark" that Icethetics readers just can't get enough of? That one? Funny. But I digress.

Paying homage the club's history? Likely a popular choice. Who thinks Wild Wing is making his glorious return? I still have that old jersey in my closet. But while a Disney character is unlikely on the new uniforms, it's cool to see the owners are willing to revisit that chapter.

The last line of the pull quote above makes my head spin, though. An "alternative spin" on the "traditional" colors and logo? Is this to say jade and purple could be as much in the Ducks' future as in their past? Or maybe a Duck-shaped goalie mask incorporating the orange and gold?

Whatever it is, I'm excited to see it. It's just too bad we have to wait three months. In the meantime, got any concept ideas? Email them my way.

Thanks to all of you who sent in this story today while I was busy working.