Sabres Jerseys Now Leaked

Sabres third jersey leakedSo this is funny. Just hours after I debunked a fake leak, the real thing is here — with 11 days until the unveiling.

Seems someone secretly snapped photos of the Buffalo Sabres' new road and alternate jerseys.

The three photos in this post are making the rounds. And while these images are new to me, I have seen the Sabres' new sweaters and this, in fact, what they look like. And if these are fake, someone has gone to a lot of trouble to mislead us. A lot.

Sabres third jersey leakedThe royal blue third jersey you should find as described in the September edition of JerseyWatch 2010, right down to the strange striping.

While the script across the chest was almost certainly inspired by that of the old Buffalo Bisons, careful observers will note that it is actually different — perhaps a simple modernization?

You'll also note the 40th anniversary logo beneath the script mark — the classic Sabres logo with 19 and 70 inside the blue circle. That leaves the door wide open for the Sabres to keep this jersey in their arsenal for years to come.

Sabres new road jersey leakedThe new road jersey also started making the rounds today. It is, as stated, a white version of the new home sweater — formerly the alternate uniform. And as some have asked, it does appear that the "silver armpits" and piping will carry over.

It also appears that neither sweater will have a shoulder patch. And neither these pictures nor the ones I saw had numbers on the jerseys which means will still don't know how they will be placed, especially on the third.

Before I wrap this up, it's important to point out that while I mistakenly used the word "confirmed" on Twitter earlier today, nothing is confirmed or official until the team makes an announcement. There's my disclaimer.

As always, check back here for jersey updates as the season gets under way.