Is This the Best Winter Classic Leak Yet?

All right, I know a few days ago I posted a rendering of what I thought to be the Philadelphia Flyers' Winter Classic jersey — and it looks nothing like this. But if this one is a fake, it's the best I've ever seen.

Could this really be the Flyers' 2012 Winter Classic jersey?

A reader named Joshua Smith emailed in this morning with a link to an ebay posting. (In case that posting disappears, I've posted all the photos to our Facebook page.) At first glance, I assumed it was another knock-off based on a fan concept. However... There are some details of this jersey that have me convinced it's a legitmate Reebok product.

It doesn't appear to be based on any jersey the Flyers have previously worn. Perhaps that's why it's been so hard to predict. The tags... the stitching...  even the detail in the collar, which has become a new trend since the Blue Jckets did it on their third jersey. But when you get down to it, you just don't see this kind of quality on Chinese counterfeits. 

So I'm amending Monday's graphic to look like this:

And actually, the black numbers make a lot more sense now.