Flyers Unveil Winter Classic Jersey

Modeling the new sweater / Schuyler BaehmanAfter a long wait, the Philadelphia Flyers finally unveiled their 2012 Winter Classic sweater. And interestingly enough, it lived up to the leaks.

The new sweater has no place in Flyers history, but then neither did the Bruins' or Penguins' second outdoor game uniforms. Though unlike those teams, this one isn't even based on anything in the team's 44-year history.

And to explain a little about why that's the case and what inspired them, here's a what the team has to say:

Designed by Reebok, the jersey’s primary color is the team’s current recognizable orange with secondary colors black and a vintage off white.

The Flyers primary front crest and player numbers are executed in rich felt black and vintage white appliqué. The player name and number name bar is a contrasting off-white color on the core orange jersey body.  This is a design element unique to the Flyers current and past uniforms.

The shape of the jersey consists of a new silhouette and striping pattern that has never been worn by the team in its history. The heritage striping is inspired from a sock design worn by the Flyers in the late 1980's. A very strong retro inspired neck lace closure will ground this jersey’s place in NHL Winter Classic uniform history. 

So, striping from a sock design, eh? All right. Can't say that's not getting creative.

Flyers Winter Classic jersey unveiling — photo gallery

I like the black shoulders. It's an element that's never been part of a Flyers uniform and I've always thought it should be. It's a good look. Overall, I'm a fan of the design. You've heard me bemoan the "vintage white" to no end (and I still don't like it here) so there's no need to go on about that.

But that's just my take. What about yours?