NHL Recycling 2011 All-Star Jerseys?

Sens Town posts photo of apparently leaked 2012 All-Star jerseys — which look quite familiar

According to Ottawa-based blog Sens Town, the 2012 NHL All-Stars will wear the same uniforms they donned in 2011 in Raleigh. The blog claims to have "gotten ahold" of photos that prove this. The shot above shows the old jerseys with the 2012 All-Star Game logo on the shoulders.

In the blog post, Stephen Smith writes: "It appears the only difference is a few minor touches on the sides."

2011 NHL All-Star jerseysI'm not sure what he means by that unless he has other photos he didn't publish. From what I can see here, the design of both jerseys appear to be exactly the same as last year's — sides and all.

While the sweaters were highly unpopular with readers last year, personally, I was a fan. I love seeing the league try new things. It annoys me that ultra-traditionalists think every hockey uniform should look exactly like it did in 1960s. How perfectly dull. There's a time and place for it — the Winter Classic, for example.

So we'll see if this turns out to be true. I have no reason to believe it won't. In fact, in my Nov. 28 post about the Rangers' Winter Classic jersey unveiling, I flat out said I wouldn't be surprised if the league just recycled last year's All-Star look. It's a good one. It deserves to stick around another year or two.

That brings me to one last thought. Despite the NHL realigning next year, there won't be any need to reformat the Fantasy Draft/All-Star Game since players aren't divided up by conference anymore anyway. Having said that, I'm sure not everyone would agree. So after realignment in 2012, should the 2013 All-Star Game be reformatted? And if so, how?