Preds Confirm Plans for New Sweater

Predators announce new jersey / Seth WrightThe Nashville Predators have confirmed to season ticket holders that a "newly re-designed jersey" is in the works — and they can have one for free.

Icethetics reader Seth Wright has written in with some solid information. Back in January, he was first to provide a photo of the white version of the Preds' blue third jersey — which was the subject of speculation regarding a new road sweater. The team has since refuted that theory via social media.

Now Seth is sharing some marketing materials sent to Nashville season ticket holders. Specifically, this:

Free Newly Re-designed Jersey

Be the first in "Smashville" to own the new look Predators home jersey to be debuted for the 2011-12 season. This jersey is exclusively available for season ticket holders and those that choose to upgrade to full season tickets by March 19th.

First of all, they reference the "new-ness" of the jersey about five times in that little paragraph, so it's probably a safe bet we're not looking at a promotion of the third jersey. This will be an entirely new sweater.

Second, there's nothing about a new road jersey, though if we pay attention to Reebok, we should be expecting one. But the away uniform isn't necessarily a selling point for your home crowd so why mention it to season ticket holders? We should also probably assume that the third jersey will remain the same.

And finally, let it be said that this note serves as official confirmation from the team that there will be a new home uniform beginning in 2011-12. Will the NHL's uniform changes in the Age of Reebok never end?

Season ticket holder renewal booklet / Seth WrightThe big question remains: What will this new jersey look like? Seth contends that the color of the marketing materials seen here (left) may be an indication. They're yellow.

Paired with last week's report from a fan, via his ticket agent, that a new mustard-colored sweater was being considered, maybe we're on the right track. Or maybe not.

It's obviously too soon to guess at this point and all the "evidence" we have is inconclusive. Still, it's worth noting that this Season Ticket Holder Renewal booklet does not feature the third jersey logo — but rather the same primary mark that's always been in use. It seems the logo won't be changing.

Based on all this, any guesses as to what's cooking in Smashville? Is it okay that I called it Smashville?